Welcome to Health Tech Solutions

Healthcare has become increasingly dependent on technology to provide innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. As insurers require increasing service levels for decreasing compensation, healthcare providers are presented with many challenges:

  • Reducing the cost of acquiring and maintaining its capital medical equipment.
  • Continuously evaluating means to reduce equipment operating costs while maintaining uptime and high quality of care.
  • Evaluating new and emerging developments in medical imaging equipment.
  • Understanding how and when to implement new technologies.

Health Tech Solutions understands these challenges and its over 30 years of combined experience can assist your organization in maximizing its return on capital equipment expenditures. We have a broad perspective of the healthcare equipment service industry and a keen understanding of the issues that affect your organization’s ability to deliver services and thrive in today's marketplace. We understand that your organization’s business requirements are unique and, therefore, work directly with you to create a flexible, tailored solution using our ADIE (ad·ē) methodology.