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Founded in 1987, AmeriComp’s product line includes traditional office-based radiographic systems and components, with the exception of mammography. AmeriComp offers a variety of quality radiographic systems and components, all at extremely affordable prices. All AmeriComp products, including radiographic generators, tubes, systems, and components, are especially well crafted and reliable. A five-year manufacturer's warranty demonstrates this confidence and secures your investment for today and tomorrow.
AM4 – Stationary Table System
This affordable system features a sturdy table that supports loads up to 300 pounds. An extra-long pedestal base adds stability and full bucky travel.

With a detached floor-to-wall (or to ceiling) tubestand, the AM4 System is capable of a wide range of radiographic procedures including table-top extremities, skull, and abdominal table work.

When used with the Americomp Wallstand, the system capabilities include standing limbs and chest exams.

The versatile film receptor may include a stationary fine-line grid or a reciprocating bucky. The cabinet accepts a film cassette tray which accommodates up to a 14" x 17" cassette in either direction.
AM4 – Stationary Table System