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Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA, Inc. is a leading domestic manufacturer of digital and traditional imaging products for diagnostic use by hospitals, imaging centers, clinics, and private practice physicians. Leading-edge Konica Minolta products include REGIUS Computed Radiography systems and DRYPRO Dry Laser Imagers. As technology evolves, driving the worldwide imaging industry into electronic media, Konica Minolta Medical Imaging has maintained a reputation of innovation and leadership in its core product line, while also becoming a major player in developing and distributing digital images, including medical images, rapidly and accurately meeting the needs of our customers.
Dry Pro 771 Medical Imaging Dry Laser

Superior Image Quality. High Output. Friendly Design. The DRYPRO 771 yields 14 Bit density resolution. For the facility, this means that more diagnostic information makes it onto the film.

Coupled with high speed processing of up to 110 films per hour, your site will be able to deliver superior images and extremely high output. The small footprint of the 771 makes it ideal for a decentralized application, without sacrificing performance and versatility.

The DRYPRO 771 uses a front mounted, one-channel tray and allows processing in a brightly lit room.

Film size is selectable for added flexibility.

DRYPRO 771 is used for all modalities as well as CR, enhancing functionality within the department.

Easy to reach, user-friendly control panel indicates operating status for operational flexibility.

Timer function starts operation at a user-specified time.

High-speed processing of up to 110 films/hour and energy-saving design offer optimum performance and versatility.

First image is processed as quickly as 106 seconds for 14x17 inch film.

Supply tray shutter prevents accidental film exposure, reducing your cost of operation on supplies.

Dry Pro 771 Medical Imaging Dry Laser