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Established in 1994, MaroTech has researched, developed and manufactured software and hardware related to PACS. Marotech founded the first Imaging Research Center in Korea and devoted its efforts to construct the most economical and highly efficient PACS systems in the world. By being ahead of its time, Marotech has already established the technology to integrate HIS/RIS and PACS with advanced features such as voice recognition, glossary finding, 3-D imaging, and true workflow management.
Marosis Stand Alone PACS
Marosis Stand Alone PACS is the solution designed for small medical institutions and includes a variety of functions:

Sending DICOM Images.

Storing Image Data in a Local Database.

Supporting DICOM Print.

Research and Teaching Support.

Integrating Various Modalities.

The functions are supported through Marosis m-Gate which archives all medical images in the DICOM standard. System reliability is created by separating the archive server from the database server and for high process environments dual servers and clustering solutions can be leveraged. Finally, all data can be backed up utilizing tape drive or CD/DVD burning modalities.
Marosis Stand Alone PACS