Health Tech Solutions

About Us

Established in 2000 by Tim Zoellner, Health Tech Solutions currently services all of Florida with clients located from Miami to Tampa to Jacksonville. With a commitment to provide its clients with comprehensive and professional capital medical equipment sales and service, Health Tech Solutions fulfills a growing demand for reliable and cost effective alternatives to maintain today’s cutting-edge medical equipment.

The following client testimonials provide only a glimpse into the organization’s customer focused approach that has enabled it to maintain a 98% client retention rate.

five star rating

Debbi Henry

Director of Imaging

Clearwater Imaging Center (Florida Spine Institute Division)

"I have worked with Health Tech Solutions and Time Zoellner for the past year. He installed an X-ray unit in one of our satellite offices. He was instrumental in all aspects of the installation process and now maintains service on three of our X-ray machines."

"Health Tech Solution’s knowledge and expertise in the radiographic field are exceptional. His work ethic and professionalism are remarkable. I feel he is definitely an asset to our facility."

five star rating

Paul Quinn

Director of Radiology

Thomas Langley Medical Center

"I am writing this letter on behalf of Tim Zoellner, and his company, Health Tech Solutions. I have been doing business with him for over three years. He has provided my organization with good, efficient, and honest service. I also have made capital purchases thru Health Tech Solutions, including a General Electric LXI, which I am very happy with. He exceeded his promises regarding the installation."

"Health Tech’s availability and reliability is, in my mind, what sets them apart from all the other companies out there."

five star rating

Andrea Kopp, RT (R) (M)

Director of Imaging

Radiology Associates

"I am writing on behalf of Radiology Associates, a client of Health Tech Solutions for over 5 years. Health Tech Solutions has been responsible for preventative maintenance and emergency repairs on several of our radiographic and all of our mammography units. They have responded promptly and restored units to operational status in a reasonable length of time. We currently have a service contract with Health Tech to maintain 5 mammography units spread over 3 locations. All ACR and FDA issues faced by Radiology Associates have been resolved with Health Tech’s active participation."

"I am looking forward to our continuing relationship and I truly appreciate getting prompt, reliable and reasonably priced service."