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Control-X Medical, Inc. was established in 1990 to produce high quality diagnostic equipment for the X-ray industry. The company’s success results from understanding customer's needs, developing products to meet those needs, and support for those products to each customer's satisfaction.

The CS2000 series is an ideal Bucky table for all aspects of radiology (CS2000) and tomography (CS2000TOMO).

  • The central operation of the tube stand and the automatic Bucky coupler guarantees convenient operation. When leaving the Bucky travel range the Bucky uncoulples automatically, then re-couples when the tube stand is returned to the Bucky position. The table top is specially constructed for low radiation absorption and the shortest possible object to film distance.
  • The CS2000 will accept Bucky assemblies of all manufactures with full movement over the entire length of the table base. The tube stands longitudinal movement is 164 cm, 94 cm to the left, and 70 cm to the right. The x-ray tube focus tofloor distance is a minimum of 42 cm to a maximumof 198 cm. The x-ray tube rotation movement is +/- 120° with indexes at 0° and +/- 90°.
  • The CS2000TOMO adds a fully integrated, microprocessor controlled linear tomography. There is no obstruction fulcrum tower or any mechanical attachments to contend with. The available tomographic exposures are 40°, 30°, 20°, and 8° zonography each with two speed settings. The SID can be selected to any point between 100 cm and 115 cm. Tomographic layer height is adjustable in increments of 1 mm from 0 mm to 240 mm.