Health Tech Solutions

OEC 9800 C-Arm


The GE OEC 9800 is a versatile, mobile C-arm ideal for ER, OR, or office-based pain management environments. The 9800 features precise positioning, simple user interface, and quality construction.

  • Versatile C-arm performs well in a wide range of diagnostic or interventional applications.
  • Simple user interface designed for quick and efficient navigation.
  • Navigate imaging modes easily with intuitive GE software.
  • Superb image quality with GE’s proprietary image IQ.
  • Unique rotating anode reduces the risk of overheating during lengthy procedures.
  • Precise positioning with SmartView off-axis pivot joints.
  • Range of power modes including low dose to high power for challenging imaging applications.
  • Comes standard with a 9-inch image intensifier with Tri-mode: 9 in / 6 in / 4.5 in.
  • Onboard high resolution CCD camera for digital imaging.
  • Camera features full-frame capture, 360-degree motorized rotation.
  • Dual 16-inch high resolution monitors with anti-glare technology.
  • Imaging options for a variety of procedures: Pulse fluoro, High Level Fluoro, and Digital Cine pulse mode.

Proprietary GE SMART Options auto-adjust images for increased clarity:

  • SmartMetal: Optimizes image quality, even with the introduction of metal objects into the x-ray field.
  • SmartWindow: Automatically adjusts brightness and contrast.
  • AutoTrak: Automatically selects the optimum imaging technique.