Health Tech Solutions

Perform-X HI-LO

Control-X Medical, Inc. was established in 1990 to produce high quality diagnostic equipment for the X-ray industry. The company’s success results from understanding customer's needs, developing products to meet those needs, and support for those products to each customer's satisfaction.

The Perform-X HI-LO Radiographic System provides owners with a high level of quality, durability and comfort in a diagnostic x-ray imaging system that offers an exceptional performance to price ratio for the industry. As a special package for the healthcare community, the Perform-X HI-LO System represents an affordable choice with no compromises for the imaging specialist. The package includes:

    WS 99 Wall Stand

    With high-speed Bucky operation, extended travel to the floor, and smooth, precise operation through the special bearing system of the vertical carriage, the WS 99’s eye-catching design is an exceptional wall stand for the healthcare industry.

    TS 99 Tubestand

    Whether freestanding or floor-to-ceiling/wall, the TS 99’s heavy-duty precision provides for maximum safety and comfort. The precision bearing systems provide “no stop” operation on all travels. With the optional column rotation and cross-table travel, the TS 99 is the right equipment for all imaging procedures.

    Phoenix HI-LO Four-Way Table

    The Phoenix HI-LO radiographic table with its heavy-duty, but still graceful design offers convenient vertical height adjustment, four-way effortless positioning and an extremely low tabletop filtration for best exposures. Standard high-speed Bucky operation.

    Control-X Generators

    Control-X has a wide variety of high frequency or conventional generators that support high quality exposures for all applications. The preferred system offers the PCX 650 HF generator with 50 kW power in 100kHz inverter technique and a revolutionary flat-panel touch-screen control for best performance and appearance.