Health Tech Solutions

Senographe Essential 3D


This is a full-field digital mammography unit that delivers clinical confidence to healthcare providers during breast procedures. The machine activities range from mobile screening to advanced diagnostic procedures. GE digital mamo machine facilitates an interactive approach to mammography during procedures to ensure top-notch innovative patient experiences. A woman’s health needs attention to detail and a radiologist using the GE Senographe is able to deliver clinical confidence using this machine. Why so? Because the mammographic findings contribute to outstanding image quality which builds the confidence of the patient.

  • High frequency single-phase power supply
  • High frequency generator and conditioner
  • Automatic exposure
  • 24x31cm Detector
  • 24x31 Bucky with grid
  • Standard paddle set
  • Phantom
  • Gantry
  • Backup software
  • Face shield
  • X-Ray tube