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LOGIQ S7 with XDclear


The GE Logiq S7 is a midrange ultrasound machine designed for complete shared service applications from cardiac to GI to 4D OB/GYN. The GE Logiq S7 is extremely light and compact and looks visually very similar to the Voluson S8 and S6. The GE Logiq S7 is the replacement for the older GE Logiq S6. The GE Logiq S8 is a higher performance version of the S7.

  • It comes with S-Agile architecture that enables images of uniform excellence across multiple body types with minimal keystrokes. It has an expanded range of probes and image optimization tools that help automate and enhance your image quality such as increased contrast resolution and improved border definition. IT also has Auto TGC to help optimize your brightness and contrast to help obtain excellent image quality while streamlining procedures.
  • The LOGIQ S7 with XDclear comes with a high res widescreen display that is high contrast and configurable with an LCD monitor and a LED-backlit display that is mounted on an articulating arm to allow users to arrange images and data to meet their needs.
  • It has a 10.1-inch touch panel which allows you to have easy access to controls and smart keys to enhance performance and procedures. It was engineered with a seamless exterior making it easier to clean and increase infection control.
  • It is small and lightweight and can easily navigate through crowded exam rooms. It comes with a power assist battery and wireless connectivity with Bluetooth printing for added mobility. The LOGIQ S7 with XDclear also has a comparison assistant that allows you to view past studies with current studies in real-time via a split-screen on the monitor.
  • It also features GE Raw Data to help shorten exams by enabling users to quickly acquire data and then apply a wide variety of image processing after an exam.